[0900800] Function ap_get_server_module_loglevel is not declared when !HAVE_SYSLOG

[0ddfa41] Function ssl_array_index is unused when !HAVE_TLS_ALPN

[1a3c8e3] Macro SSL_PROTOCOL_TLSV1_1 is not declared when !HAVE_TLSV1_X.

[1b48bb3] "Dereference of uninitialized pointer variable

[1f46088] Macro used as an actual parameter leads to compile error if the macro is not defined

[2a6cbfa] No call to the free function when !SHARED_MODULE.

[3407ecc] Conditional definition of ap_log_perror contains typo that prevents compilation

[35ae2e2] Pointer "eckey" is assigned, but there is no call to the free function.

[4202d5f] "Misspelled struct field leads to compiler error The structure has a member const char * certtdb, but a pointer to this struct tries to dereference certdb, which obviously does not exist."

[4945115] File descriptor leak ("dbg") with DEBUG_CGI.

[56d9881] Prototype for function sendfile_nonblocking is not used when !APR_HAS_SENDFILE.

[581635e] Macro APR_INET6 is not declared when !APR_HAVE_IPV6.

[6338509] Field fips is not declared when !HAVE_FIPS.

[664e3aa] Function "ap_get_win32_interpreter" writes one additional byte into a buffer when WIN32.

[9327311] Segmentation fault when APR_HAS_SHARED_MEMORY.

[97ecbec] "Fail to reuse existing cache

[b51c893] Pointer "ap_scoreboard_shm" is not declared when !APR_HAS_SHARED_MEMORY.

[b833f06] Missing to convert floating point to long integer

[bbeb051] Use of already freed subrequest data could lead to segmentation fault.

[c76df14] "WIN32/OS2 shell characters not escaped correctly when cross-compiling

[d0040a0] "Misspelling of feature name induces undeclared struct field

[d05e574] Segmentation fault when APR_HAS_SHARED_MEMORY.

[dbafef1] BufferOverflow when HAS_APACHE_REGEX_LIB.


[0301ffa] Variable *gdp is only used if EXT2FS_ENABLE_SWAPFS is enabled.

[061fd0a] The label expected_hwif_error is only visible when FEATURE_HDPARM_HDIO_SCAN_HWIF is defined.

[192c35f] Copiler warning about an unused variable if !FEATURE_REMOTE_LOG.

[199501f] NULL pointer gets dereferenced if !FEATURE_MODPROBE_MULTIPLE_OPTIONS

[1b487ea] NULL pointer dereferenced if SELINUX is enabled but not FEATURE_STAT_FORMAT If FEATURE_STAT_FORMAT is not set, busybox stat tries to print the selinux context (when SELINUX is enabled), even if it is not requested which leads to a segmentation fault due to dereferencing a null-pointer.

[2631486] "Memory leak freeing an array of pointers

[5275b1e] The integer variable k_crcs is undeclared when BusyBox is compiled with !FEATURE_INSMOD_VERSION_CHECKING

[5cd6461] Due to a wrong format parameter in a printf httpd does not work when compiled for with the feature LFS (large file support) enabled.

[9575518] "httpd: don't send error messages with gzip encoding

[b273d66] Variable 'info' is uninitialized when BusyBox is compiled with BB_FEATURE_LS_FILETYPES && !BB_FEATURE_LS_USERNAME.

[b62bd7b] Unused variable if MDEV_CONF && MDEV_RENAME && !MDEV_RENAME_REGEXP. The pointer variable *p is unused when MDEV_CONF and MDEV_RENAME are set and MDEV_RENAME_REGEXP is not defined.

[b7ebc61] The symbol TIME_MASK is only define when FEATURE_LS_TIMESTAMPS is enabled.

[bc0ffc0] The pointer 'ch' is referenced after being freed if FEATURE_CLEAN_UP is enabled. If FEATURE_CLEAN_UP is defined, then delete_eth_table() frees the previously allocated memory for the pointer 'ch'. However, after that (in a for loop), a statement 'ch->next' dereferences already freed memory.

[cc3f20b] Build system does not support BUILD_LIBBUSYBOX and PIE together

[cf1f2ac] The function shutdown_signal is only defined when !DEBUG_INIT. However, it is used in a mandatory feature. Thus, all product with DEBUG_INIT enabled has compile failure.

[df7b657] Inverted if usage in ENABLE_DESKTOP If ENABLE_DESKTOP is not set, BusyBox displays a message. But, note that this functionality is inverted. Actually, BusyBox needs to print any message only when ENABLE_DESKTOP is enabled.

[ebee301] The function copySubFile is not defined when !BB_AR.

[eef2317] If BusyBox is compiled with FEATURE_CLEAN_UP dmesg command segfaults if invoked with the "-n" option because a free() of an uninitialized pointer.


[0988c4c] Fail to process a VLAN packet without VLAN support

[0dc77b6] Module loading fails due to attempt to double-register compat class

[0f8f809] Array is accessed out of its bounds in some configurations

[1c17e4d] An uninitialized string may be displayed if !CONFIG_RCU_FAST_NO_HZ.

[1f758a4] Network interface will fail to go up when !ZONE_DMA

[208d898] local_bh_enable() is called with interrupts disabled when HIGHMEM

[218ad12] Pointer is set to NULL without freeing previously allocated memory

[221ac32] Attempt to set a breakpoint resulted in kernel panic

[242f1a3] Undefined reference to cryptographic function Function test_cipher() depends on crypto_alloc_ablkcipher(), which is only available when CRYPTO_BLKCIPHER is enabled.

[2f02c15] Build error due to missing dependency of BCM47XXX on EXTIF

[30e0532] Use of variable before initialization when !SECURITY

[36855dc] Unused variable when BF60x is enabled

[472a474] Kernel panic due to double enable_IR_x2apic() call on non-SMP boards

[51fd36f] Truncation error when converting unsigned long long to long

[60e233a] Failing to preserve invariant causes buffer overflow

[6252547] NULL pointer on !OF_IRQ gets dereferenced if IRQ_DOMAIN

[63878ac] Function pointer left uninitialized when power management is disabled

[6515e48] Undefined references to OMAP2420 functions

[657e964] Unexpected decrement of the preemption counter

[6651791] Undefined reference due to missing dependency on I2C

[6e2b757] module_core is referenced after being freed during error cleanup

[76baeeb] NULL pointer deference due to invalid cast in x86 NUMA

[7acf6cd] "Dereferencing uninitialized pointer causes Kernel crash

[7c6048b] Selecting ACPI_VIDEO but not its dependencies causes a build error

[809e660] Function do_sect_fault defined but not used if ARM_LPAE is enabled

[8c82962] Wrong length units lead to buffer overflow and cause kernel panic

[91ea820] Function incorrectly returning (int)255 on failure causes kernel panic

[ae249b5] Assertion violation when walking through system memory

[bc8cec0] Non-initialized buffer causes kernel panic in JFFS2

[c708c57] Memory access beyond buffer limits

[d530db0] Disabling PCI support implies that a void* pointer will be dereferenced

[d549f55] Attempt to call a VLAN-related function with VLAN support disabled

[d6c7e11] Mockup implementation expects incompatible pointer type The actual implementation of `max8660_pdata_from_dt' expects an argument `pdata' of type `struct max8660_platform_data *' while the mockup implementation for OF disabled expects a 2-degree pointer.

[d7e9711] "Double lock when debugging diskquota

[e1fbd92] Argument type incompatible with `printk' format string AMIGA's ramdisk support contains a type error (reported as a warning by gcc) when LBDAF is enabled. The result of `blk_rq_pos(req)' has type `sector_t' and is printed as an unsigned long value. Yet, when LBDAF is enabled, type `sector_t' is defined as unsigned long long. There is no safe cast from unsigned long long to unsigned long. The fix consists in printing the value as unsigned long long instead, without losing precision when LBDAF is enabled.

[e39363a] netpoll_setup() returns an uninitialized value (error code)

[e67bc51] Null stub missing parameter when !TRACING

[e68bb91] Module `i2c-designware-core' gets linked twice causing a linker error

[eb91f1d] "Warning due to a call to kmalloc() with flags __GFP_WAIT and interrupts enabled

[ee3f34e] Debugging code may derefence a NULL pointer

[f3d83e2] Insufficient buffer length leads to buffer overflow

[f48ec1d] "Undefined reference to macro when !BLK_CGROUP Macro CFQ_WEIGHT_DEFAULT is conditionally defined in blk-cgroup.h, only when BLK_CGROUP is enabled. This macro is referenced in block/cfq-iosched.c (which #include blk-cgroup.h) in a context where the presence of BLK_CGROUP is not guaranteed. Thus, if BLK_CGROUP is disabled, the compiler cannot find any definition for CFQ_WEIGHT_DEFAULT."

[f7ab9b4] NULL function pointer dereferenced if SHMEM is enabled but not TMPFS


[2d22902] "String is truncated when SDSUPPORT is enabled

[2db384a] "Macro function fails due to wrong parameter type.

[3024821] "Multiplication of an int with 1000 may overflow in 16-bit architectures

[31873ec] "The LCD can display only around max 320.00 but the users want to see more fine grained steps

[53be0f3] "Not enough delay for BABYSTEPPING if specific DRV8825 stepper driver is used

[7336e6d] "If Z_MAX is set to a negative value, and Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS is enabled, the compiler complains about undeclared variable.

[831016b] "The function is declared with only one parameter, but in a specific configuration it is called using multiple parameters. The function is called with more arguments than the function's declaration. This happens only if a feature is disabled and another one enabled.

[8c4377d] "Macro expansion fails when PID_DEBUG enabled

[a7fc1f8] "Stack buffer overflow is empty string

[b8e79dc] "Macro function is undefined if !ENCODER_RATE_MULTIPLIER

[e30bfed] "Undefined reference to macro when AUTO_BED_LEVELING && !AUTO_BED_LEVELING_GRID

[f87c808] "In the while loop the timer overflows if TEMP_RESIDENCY_TIME is larger than 32 When TEMP_RESIDENCY_TIME is set to be 32 or larger, the timer overflows yielding always false in the comparison in the while condition. Issue 55: https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/issues/55"

[fc3c76f] "The variable is defined as a scalar but initialized with an array of values.

[fdac8f6] "Macro is not defined when feature is not enabled.